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Go_out Initiative 2014/15:

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In a series of excursions which are financed by the DAAD-Go_out initiative, the DAAD Cairo enhances the encounter of its students with local projects, German and Egyptian institutions or firms and places of interest in order to learn more about the cultural diversity of Egypt and its people. In this regard the DAAD recently organi zed several trips and activities for its scholars, giving them the perspective of an insider, understanding the scope of work and encounter with the people in dialogues and discussions. 


At the ARD broadcast studio in Cairo, 18 German students had the unique opportunity to catch a glimpse "behind the scenes” of this main studio for the Arab world and North Africa of Germany’s First Television Station. On November 30th, 2014 Mr. Volker Schwenk, head of the ARD-studio, welcomed them with a tour through the studio. After being introduced to the team and explaining each of their tasks, the discussion was open. How about the authentication of pictures? Which images seen in television or newspapers can be taken as "real” or as "the truth” and which not?” What are the challenges of filming and reporting in a mega city like Cairo? These and many more questions helped the students to understand media processes better and left them concerned and impressed on the time and efforts invested for a daily proper and verified media coverage.


A visit to the German Embassy in Cairo on 8th January, 2015 offered 8 selected German students an in-depth perspective of the home of diplomats and German State representatives. Ms. Laura Oexle, Head of Science Department at the German Embassy in Cairo, welcomed the participants and later gave a detailed presentation about the structure of the different departments and the opportunities of becoming a member of the Federal Foreign Office and its network of 229 missions abroad. She also answered many questions of the students on how to qualify for being selected for a career. Mr. Christoph Retzlaff, the Deputy Head of Mission, presented an exclusive overview of the German Egyptian relations and the long lasting fruitful cooperation between both countries. He also explained his responsibilities at the German Embassy and the services offered to Germans in Egypt.  


On March 5th, 2015 DAAD took a group of 20 German and Egyptian students to SEKEM Farm in Bilbeis giving them the chance to explore the various activities of this enterprise and getting an in-depth view on the possibilities of farming at the outskirts of the mega city of Cairo. SEKEM has developed into an international organization following the vision of sustainability and giving back to the community. Having received several awards, SEKEM helps local farmers to shift from conventional to organic agriculture and selling their products in several companies ranging from medication to organic textiles, food and beverages. SEKEM is also engaged in basic education like kindergarten and secondary school. It also offers continuous education in vocational training or, quite recently, the establishment of a university (Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development).    

Yvonne Floride, a member of SEKEM since its early beginnings, arranged an inside tour through some of the factories, the kindergarten, the schools and the medical center. She also invited the group to attend the weekly school celebration with impressive music performances of all classes.