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Farbbalken Klein

Unsere aktiven Blogger berichten derzeit aus Kairo: 

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Yassin Amajout         


ist 23 Jahre alt und studiert an der Philipps-Universität Marburg Orientwissenschaft (international) mit dem Schwerpunkt Arabistik. Das Besondere an seinem Studium ist das darin vorgesehene Auslandsjahr, was er in Kairo an der Ain Shams Universität absolviert.

Tabea Schneider


…ist 22 Jahre alt und studiert an der Universität Tübingen Politikwissenschaft, Orientwissenschaft und Philosophie. Nach vier Semestern im süddeutschen Studentenstädtchen zieht es sie nach Kairo.  

Tillmann Schreinemacher


…ist 25 Jahre alt und belegt von Oktober 2014 bis Februar 2015 Arabisch-Sprachkurse an der Ain Shams Universität   Kairo . Er plant für das zweite Semester, Kurse an der Universität Kairo zu besuchen. 

Farbbalken Klein

Berichte bis zum Jahr 2012:

Alexander Lohse gained a DAAD scholarship for one semester (1 October 2011 - 29 February 2012) at Ain Shams University in Cairo and would like to share his experience.

Stefan Witthuhn reports on his experience during the winter semester 2011/2012 at Misr International University in Egypt.

Jan Oltrogge gained a scholarship for one semester and spent 6 month at the University Hospital in Damascus

In 2008/9 Edda Nitschke went as a language assistant to Syria to work at the Language Center at the University of Damascus. Currently, she is working in Yemen.

Jonas-Benjamin Walther, a law student at the Free University in Berlin, came as a Fellow of the Egyptian government in September 2005 to the Cairo University.

Fabian Cieslak (DAAD-Scholarship 2005/06) gained a partial scholarship, "some Arabic language" and has some of his impressions from Cairo summarized for future scholars.

Valentin Coenen has resided as a Fellow of the Egyptian Government (Wafidin scholarship) one year (1999/2000) in Cairo and studied "the Arabic language for foreigners" in the Cairo university.

Marei Grundhöfer (DAAD-scholarship 2000/2001) reports on travel arrangements, housing, transportation, culinary delights and language exchange.

In 2002 Meike Wallek did an internship in the field of translation at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria.

Kathrin Hoffmann, Fellow of the Egyptian Government in 2002/2003 describes the procedure of application and wants to encourage the undecided to study abroad.

André Kahlmeyer reports on his academic year 2002 / 2003 at the Lebanese American University in Beirut.

The Islamic month of fasting is a unique experience - even for the non-Muslim outsiders. A report on life in Ramadan 2003 from the Egyptian capital of Ann-Katrin Gässlein.

Marieke Brandt reports on her experiences in Yemen during the academic year 2003/04 and on her studies at the Center for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies (CALES) in Sana'a.

André Kahlmeyer traveled with the program, "Arabic Language Course for Students"  in September 2004 to Morocco and took a Arabic course at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez.

Maruta Herding, (DAAD scholarship for a Graduate Diploma in Middle Eastern Studies) spent two semesters at the prestigious private university AUC.

Experience report on a semester abroad in Syria from Jennifer Katrin Seifert, September 2003 to February 2004.

Anna Gersmann, DAAD Annual Scholarship for students in 2005/06, describes the procedure of becoming a guest student at the University of Damascus.

The DAAD-year scholarship-owner Elizabeth Trepesch reports on her experiences at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science and the Faculty of Arts and describes her impressions of Egypt and the Egyptians.

John Blankenbach talks about his experiences at the Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques, and gives practical advice on studying and living in Tunisia.



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